Tissue paper winding and cutting apparatus

Paper making and fiber liberation – Apparatus – With product winding or reeling means

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A tissue paper winding and cutting apparatus includes a first winding roll, at least one core support plate, a pinch roller, and at least one arm. A channel is formed between the core support plate and the first winding roll. A tissue paper is attached to a lower half of the first winding roll for winding around a first core. The pinch roller is arranged below the first winding roll to partially project into the channel, and the arm is extended to a lower side of the first winding roll and has a bottom protuberance facing the pinch roller, so that a narrowed passage is formed in the channel. A second core rolling to and hindered by the narrowed passage holds the tissue paper thereto, and the tissue paper is pulled broken by a pulling force from a rolled tissue formed on the first core.

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