About us

The LandOfFree.com team is a world-class group of engineers and entrepreneurs dedicated to helping people find the right professionals and institutions for their needs.

Since 2010.

We are an eclectic mix of industry veterans who love our work, and take great pride in bringing our varied interests to our projects. Our team has a doctor, an ex-refugee, a teacher, a baldie, a longhair, some kings, and some queens, etc.

We don't use titles, or even last names, and the old fashioned hierarchies have been eliminated. All members of our team are equally valuable. There are colleagues, founders and other valuable contributors not listed here... but they are most definitely essential to our projects!

Main team


Saša is responsible for the back-end programming. He has a Ph.D. in physics from the University of Toronto, where he built a small radio telescope and wrote a lot of code to process hundreds of megabytes of data per second. He also worked for some small and unknown startups. He is also able to program in about any language out there.

He likes Qt, Python and Gentoo Linux and only uses M$ Windoz for gaming. His Gentoo desktop machine rarely has under 50 windows open at the same time. Likes to discuss the current North American educational system and compare it to other school systems.


Dragan has worked as a high school teacher for over 10 years. During his best years, he obtained his M.Sc. degree in experimental physics by developing a "doomsday machine" using a household fridge. He is able to relay complex concepts in a very simple way. Dragan is very precise by nature, and an expert in user interface. He is responsible for the design, user experience and much more.

Dragan is a passionate collector of money, mineral eggs and four+ leaf clovers.

All data on this website is collected from public sources. Our data reflects the most accurate information available at the time of publication.