(Oxide or sulfide) powder epoxy (meth) acrylate w/glass and/or m

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523459, 523466, 525531, C08K 308, C08K 322, C08K 340, C08L 3314




There are provided a resin composition and hardened products thereof for use in resistors, phosphors, conductors, patterns and the like, which can be developed with water or a dilute alkaline aqueous solution, show good pattern accuracy, give small residual organic matter after baking and have excellent adhesiveness. The resin composition which comprises (A) an unsaturated group-containing resin which is an epoxy methacrylate resulting from the reaction of (a) an epoxy resin having at least two epoxy groups in its molecule with (b) a compound having one unsaturated double bond and one carboxyl group in one molecule and (c) a saturated monocarboxylic acid as an optional component, the reaction product epoxy (meth)acrylate being allowed to react with (d) a polybasic acid anhydride as occasion demands, (B) a diluent, (C) a photopolymerization initiator and (D) one or more substances selected from metal powders, metal oxides, metal sulfides or glass.

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