Jig for mass soldering system

Stock material or miscellaneous articles – Structurally defined web or sheet – Including aperture


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A printed circuit board has a coating comprising a selected deformable material which is solder-compatible, and has a melting point below that of solder. Electrical and electronic components are then loaded in position on the board with their leads extending through holes in the board, and imbedded into or through the coating. The coating acts as a jig to steady or stabilize the components in position in the board so that the component leads may then be trimmed to finish length, and the components are then soldered in place. Alternatively the board may be placed in storage for future soldering operation. The coating is melted and displaced simultaneously with soldering. Preferred as coating material are naturally occurring and synthetic waxes having a melting point in the range of about 120.degree.-195.degree. F. In a preferred embodiment of the invention compatible flux active agents are intermixed with the coating material.

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