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181129, A41D 2100




The ear muff according to the present invention is a water-repellent material lined with thin insulation sewn into the form of a pocket which fits around the ear of the wearer to protect the ear against cold, wind, snow, or the like without substantially impairing hearing. The ear muff is kept engaged to the ear by means of an elastic loop residing in the hem of the opening of the pocket which contracts around the base of the ear, and in addition, adjacent to the elastic within the hem, a malleable earlobe clasp which the wearer clamps around the earlobe, so that the ear muff can be used by people with attached earlobes as well as by people with unattached earlobes. The lined water-repellent material comprising the pocket plays no part in keeping the ear muff engaged to the ear, and thus is made of flexible material so that it can conform to various shapes of ears.

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