Damage tolerant composites containing infusible particles

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428288, 428293, 428294, 428295, 428372, 428401, 428408, 428413, 428357, 523400, 523468, 525529, 525530, B32B 516, C08K 702




Damage tolerant composites comprising high strength filaments in the form of bundles or tows of continuous fiber and a tough phase separated, crosslinked epoxy resin matrix are disclosed. The crosslinked epoxy resin matrix comprises infusible particles made from a rubber polymer that reside primarily between plies of the composite and critically have a median particle size between 10-75 microns. Prepregs for making the damage tolerant composites and methods of making such prepregs and the epoxy resin compositions thereof are also disclosed The epoxy resin compositions comprise the infusible particles which become segregated as to size on a surface layer of the prepreg during the process of combining the high strength filaments of the prepreg and the resin containing the epoxy resin composition.

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