Biosensor and sensing cell array using the same

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C365S171000, C365S158000, C365S066000, C365S097000

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A biosensor and a sensing cell array using a biosensor are disclosed. Adjacent materials containing a plurality of different ingredients are analyzed to determine the ingredients based on their magnetic susceptibility or dielectric constant. A sensing cell array includes such as a magnetization pair detection sensor including a MTJ (Magnetic Tunnel Junction) or GMR (Giant Magnetoresistive) device, a magnetoresistive sensor including a MTJ device and a magnetic material (current line), a dielectric constant sensor including a sensing capacitor and a switching device, a magnetization hole detection sensor including a MTJ or GMR device, a current line, a free ferromagnetic layer and a switching device, and a giant magnetoresistive sensor including a GMR device, a switching device and a magnetic material (or forcing wordline). Ingredients of adjacent materials are separated based on electrical characteristics of ingredients by sensing magnetic susceptibility and dielectric constant depending on the sizes of the ingredients.

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