Barrier layer for ferroelectric capacitor integrated on silicon

Active solid-state devices (e.g. – transistors – solid-state diode – Field effect device – Having insulated electrode


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257751, H01G 406




A ferroelectric cell in which a ferroelectric stack of a perovskite ferroelectric sandwiched by cubic perovskite metal-oxide conductive electrodes are formed over a silicon body, such as a polysilicon plug penetrating a field oxide over a silicon transistor. According to the invention, an oxidation barrier is placed between the lower metal-oxide electrode and the polysilicon. The oxidation barrier may be: (1) a refractory metal sandwiched between two platinum layer which forms a refractory oxide in a platinum matrix; (2) an intermetallic barrier beneath a platinum electrode, e.g., of NiAl; or (3) a combination of Ru and SrRuO.sub.3 or similar materials. Thereby, the polysilicon plug is protected from oxidation.

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