Adjustable animal watering or drinking device

Animal husbandry – Watering or liquid feed device – Drop-delivering


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119 75, 13761411, 251339, A01K 700, F16K 712, F16K 3100




A watering or drinking device for small animals includes a drinking valve member actuatable by the animal, an adjustable flow control valve member responsive to actuation of the drinking valve member to limit maximum flow from the device, and a mechanism for adjusting the position of the flow control valve member to fully closed, partially open, or fully open positions. The device includes upper and lower threadedly interconnected hollow fittings having a resilient, compressible apertured diaphragm entrapped in a space therebetween. The upper and lower fittings include upper and lower valve seats, respectively, cooperating with the upper and lower valve members, respectively and the lower valve member has an actuator stem extending downwardly through the hollow lower fitting. The diaphragm supports the cone-shaped upper flow control valve member in a predetermined position relative to the cone-shaped upper valve seat and also exerts pressure on the disc-shaped lower drinking valve member to seat the latter on the lower valve seat. Lateral pivotal movement or axial inward movement of the stem by the animal unseats (opens) the lower drinking valve member, thereby deflecting the diaphragm upward and causing upward movement of the upper flow control valve member to partially open (flow limiting) position. Upon release of the stem, diaphragm tension causes reseating of the lower drinking valve member and return of the upper control valve member to its original position. Relative rotation of the fittings adjusts bulging of the entrapped diaphragm and thus determines the setting or position of the upper flow control valve member.

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