Adjustable angle foil for paper making machine with rigid foil b

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162374, D21F 154




An adjustable angle foil apparatus for a paper making machine is described in which a rigid foil member is pivoted by a cam actuated adjustment mechanism to change the foil angle. The cam actuator includes at least a rear set of cam slots and cam follower pins connecting a foil support member to a foil mounting base member to pivot support member in response to longitudinal movement thereof for adjustment of the foil angle. A rigid foil body made of foil segments of ceramic or other hard, wear resistant material, are attached by tongue and groove connections and bonding adhesive to the foil support member. The cam actuated adjustment mechanism pivots such support member to adjust the foil angle without bending the foil. In one embodiment a front set of cam slots and cam follower pins is provided to maintain the height of the leading edge of the foil substantially constant at different foil angles. In a second embodiment the ends of the pins are connected to cam slide rods which extend across the pins and fit into the cam slots. In a third embodiment, the front set of cam slots and pins is replaced by a pivot rod attached to the front of the mounting base member about which the foil and foil support member pivot in response to the rear cam actuator adjustment of the foil angle.

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