3-D converted shear wave rotation with layer stripping

Communications – electrical: acoustic wave systems and devices – Seismic prospecting – Land-reflection type


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364421, G01V 100, G01V 136




A method for using a compressional-wave source to produce converted shear waves which are subjected to Alford 4-component rotation to align the observation coordinates with the natural coordinates of the principal anisotropic axes of a birefringent formation. The static time shift between the fast and the slow shear wavefields due to shear-wave splitting is determined so that they can be synchronized thereby to isotropize the birefringent formation. From those data, fracture-plane orientation can be determined. Based on those data, the direction of a deviated bore hole is aligned perpendicular to the fracture plane strike. For a deep-seated target formation, shallower layers are isotropized prior to rotation and synchronization of the converted shear wavefields originating from that deeper formation.

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