1/f noise reduction in heterojunction bipolar transistors

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437126, 437133, 148DIG72, 148DIG11, H01L 21265




A method of making a transistor comprising the steps of providing a structure having a collector layer 3, a base layer 5, and an emitter layer 7, one atop the other, forming a contact 9 on the emitter layer, removing a portion of the emitter layer to leave a relatively thick mesa region 13 with the contact thereon, a surrounding relatively thin ledge region 11 and an exposed portion of the base layer 5 and forming a contact on the exposed portion of the base layer 5. The emitter layer 7 is preferably GaInP, and preferably Ga.sub.x In.sub.1-x P, wherein x is in the range of approximately 0.50 to 0.52, and the base 5 is preferably GaAs. The ledge portion 11 has a thickness of about 700 Angstroms.

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