Open flotation de-inking module for recycled paper

Paper making and fiber liberation – Processes of chemical liberation – recovery or purification... – Waste paper or textile waste

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C162S360200, C162S005000, C162S006000, C162S007000, C209S170000, C210S221200

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Disclosed is an open flotation de-inking module for recycled paper comprised of a flotation cell having an injector module and air control module used in conjunction to infuse micro air bubbles into pulp slurry to optimize the process of separating ink, clay, stickies and other float able contaminants from the recycled pulp slurry by negatively pressurizing the slurry as it accelerates through the injector drawing air from the air control module saturating the slurry with air bubbles before injection into the flotation cell whereupon the contaminants will adhere to the bubbles as they move to the surface forming a foam that is passively skimmed into reject compartments with the decontaminated pulp channeled from the floatation cell for further processing.

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