X-ray lithography resists

Synthetic resins or natural rubbers -- part of the class 520 ser – Synthetic resins – From sulfur-containing reactant


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528373, 480322, 480967, 378 34, 378 62, 378 64, C08G 7520




Poly (diene sulfones) have superior properties as X-ray resists. Many poly (diene sulfones) have an X-ray sensitivity below about 50 mJ/cm.sup.2, and a glass transition temperature above about 70.degree. C. A preferred X-ray resist is poly (1,3-hexadiene sulfone). A method of synthesizing poly (diene sulfones) is disclosed, in which a diene monomer is dissolved in a molar excess of a nitroalkane at low temperature, for example in a molar excess of dried 2-nitropropane in a -78.degree. C. dry ice/acetone bath, and reacted with a molar excess of sulfur dioxide in the presence of a free radical initiator such as tert-butyl-hydroperoxide.

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