X-ray lithographic mask using rare earth and transition element

Stock material or miscellaneous articles – Structurally defined web or sheet – Discontinuous or differential coating – impregnation or bond


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250505, 355125, 355133, 427261, 427264, 427270, 427271, 428199, 428209, 428220, 428332, 428913, 430 5, 430321, B32B 310, B05D 506




There is described a unique mask and method of making same. The mask is especially useful in high resolution fabrication techniques such as in making magnetic bubble domain structures, semiconductor device structures and the like. The mask includes a suitable support of appropriate density to be substantially transparent to various types of radiation such as, but not limited to, E-beams, X-rays and the like. A layer of material which is substantially opaque to the same radiation and which can have the solubility thereof changed by application of E-beams or the like is provided on the support material. The mask is exposed to the solubility changing radiation wherein a pattern is defined in the layer, the layer is etched in a non-critical etch so that the soluble portion thereof is removed and the remaining material provides a suitable pattern. To the extent necessary, a suitable auxiliary support member can be provided to the support.

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