W/O/W composite emulsion

Synthetic resins or natural rubbers -- part of the class 520 ser – Synthetic resins – At least one aryl ring which is part of a fused or bridged...

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C524S801000, C514S937000, C514S938000, C514S939000, C514S943000

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A W/O/W type composite emulsion, wherein a W/O type emulsion containing water, an oil ingredient and a lipophilic emulsifier each in a proportion expressed in term of mass ratio falling within a range enclosed with bold lines in FIG.1is dispersed in an external aqueous phase with a water-soluble macromolecule blended therein has a sufficient stability, and permits preserving a percent inclusion of medical substances included in an internal aqueous phase of the W/O/W type composite emulsion at a high level.Because of the characteristics, it is now possible to blend in a liquid formulation medical substances having an unfavorable taste or unstable medical substances which have to date hardly been included in liquid formulations with low viscosity, so that the W/O/W type composite emulsion can be utilized for liquid formulations including a liquid formulation for internal application, injections, etc.

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Translation to Kitaoka et al., JP-59-080326 (1984).


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