Vapor permeation curable coatings for reaction injection molded

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Disclosed is a coating composition rapidly curable at room temperature in the presence of a vaporous tertiary amine catalyst which coating composition is ideally suited for coating reaction injection molded (RIM) urethane parts, upholstery vinyl, and sheet molding compound (SMC). The flexible coating composition of the present invention preferably comprises an aromatic hydroxyl-functional condensation product, a multi-isocyanate curing agent, and a volatile organic solvent therefor. The aromatic hydroxyl functional condensation product is made from (a) a linear aliphatic dibasic acid, (b) a linear aliphatic glycol, (c) a combination of a linear aliphatic glycol and aromatic dicarboxylic acid, and (d) a phenol capping agent. The sum of the methylene groups of the linear aliphatic dibasic acid (a) and linear aliphatic glycol (b) range from between about 10 and 13. For thicker coat ings of the coating composition of the present invention, a desirable post-conditioning thermal treatment is provided to enhance adhesion of the coating composition.

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