Ultra violet, violet, and blue light filtering polymers for...

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C623S006110, C623S006560, C623S006600, C623S004100, C623S005110, C623S005160, C623S006170, C623S006570, C623S006590, C623S006610, C623S006620, C351S159000, C523S106000, C523S108000, C514S912000

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Opthalmic devices, particularity intraocular lenses (IOL), with improved contrast sensitivity and methods of making same. In one aspect, blue light blocking chromophores (BLBC) are diffused into, e.g. an IOL lens body to create a BLBC gradient in the lens. Orange dyes are preferred BLBCs.

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Supplementary European Search Report for EP 07763272 completed on Mar. 17, 2010.


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