Ultra-black coating due to surface morphology

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428141, 428551, 428552, 428561, 428670, 428680, 428687, 428936, 126901, B32B 300, B32B 1504, B32B 1516




The invention provides a method of producing an ultra-black surface coating, having an extremely high light absorption capacity, on a substrate, such as a metal, ceramic, glass, or plastic, the blackness being associated with a unique surface morphology consisting of a dense array of microscopic pores etched into the surface, as well as the resulting coated substrate.
The ultra-black surface, which has a spectral reflectance on the order of about from 0.5 to 1.0% at wavelengths of light of about from 320 to 2140 nanometers, finds use as a solar collector in the field of solar energy.

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