Tubular bagging machine

Package making – Progressively seamed cover web or web folds – Multirow


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53552, 533756, B65B 5130, B65B 920




The welding jaws 7, 8 in a tubular bagging machine 1 for the creation of cross seams are driven by a drive 3 acting perpendicularly with respect to the foil-transporting direction 4 through a movable element 11. The jaw force (sealing force) is clearly increased through a lever 15 rotatable about a pivot point 17, and is precisely adapted to the requirements of a particle bagging operation. A drive with a small force, for example a linear motor 9, can be utilized in an economical manner in the tubular bagging machine of the invention. By providing a second drive, and connecting this drive to the lever (15), any desired motion path curves of the cross jaws and a continuous run sequence of the machine can be achieved. If the second drive stopped, then one has an intermittent tubular bagging machine.

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