Steroid cream formulation

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514179, 514252, 514399, A61K 906, A61K 3158




A steroid cream formulation which has enhanced physical and chemical stability is formed of (11.beta.,17.alpha.)-17-(ethylthio)-9.alpha.-fluoro-11.beta.-hydroxy-17-(m ethylthio)androsta-1,4-dien-3-one (tipredane), and a vehicle containing as major ingredients propylene glycol and water together with a sodium citrate or potassium citrate buffer to impart an acid value to the cream formulation of greater than 3, a high melting point wax, such as white wax, to impart proper consistency without adversely affecting stability of the tipredane, benzyl alcohol as a preservative, together with one or more emulsifiers, which include glyceryl stearate, one or more emollients which include isopropyl isostearate or isopropyl palmitate, lubricants and other conventional cream formulation ingredients.

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