Slippery, tenaciously adhering hydrophilic polyurethane hydrogel

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B32B 1508




A process for the preparation of slippery, hydrophilic polyurethane hydrogel coating compositions, and materials composed of a polymeric plastic or rubber substrate or a metal substrate with a coating of a slippery, hydrophilic polyurethane hydrogel thereon, such that the coating composition tenaciously adheres to the substrate, are disclosed. The coating compositions and coated materials are non-toxic and biocompatible, and are ideally suited for use on medical devices, particularly, catheters, catheter balloons and stents. The coating compositions, coated materials and coated devices demonstrate low coefficients of friction in contact with body fluids, especially blood, as well as a high degree of wear permanence over prolonged use of the device. The hydrogel coating compositions are capable of being dried to facilitate storage of the devices to which they have been applied, and can be instantly reactivated for later use by exposure to water.

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