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A Simple Code encoder/decoder converts a ternary, or bipolar, signal having a strong clock component into a binary signal while maintaining the strong clock component for processing with digital equipment. The Simple Code is high for each positive value of the bipolar signal, low for each negative value of the bipolar signal, and alternates high/low for each zero value of the bipolar signal. The encoder uses an extractor circuit to generate a +PULSE signal, a -PULSE signal and a CLOCK signal from the bipolar signal. The +PULSE and CLOCK signals are combined to produce an intermediate binary signal, and the intermediate binary signal is combined with the -PULSE signal to produce the Simple Code binary signal. The decoder extracts the CLOCK signal from the Simple Code binary signal and uses the CLOCK signal to generate positive and negative pulse signals corresponding to the highs and lows of the binary signal of a duration equal to the period of the CLOCK signal. The positive and negative pulse signals are combined to produce the original bipolar signal.

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