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4521, 2 50, A45D 4400




Rinse shields are disclosed that are adapted to be worn by a person while the person's hair is being washed, rinsed, or otherwise treated with a liquid and while the person's upper body is in an upright position. The rinse shields prevent the liquid from contacting the subject's body or clothing below the hairline level when the rinse shield is being worn. The various embodiments, each of which is adapted to be worn around the subject's head at about the hairline level with the subject's hair placed above the hairline level, basically comprise a front, or taut, portion and a tail portion contiguous with the front portion. The front portion defines an opening therethrough adapted to sealingly fit to the person's head at about the hairline level and is adapted to form a brim around the front and sides of the person's head. Various stiffeners may be incorporated into the front portion to facilitate forming the brim. The tail portion is adapted to drape rearwardly downward from the rear of the front portion, thereby covering at least the back of the person's neck, and into a sink or other vessel. Liquids applied to the person's hair while the person is wearing the rinse shield flow from the person's hair to the upper major surfaces of the front and tail portions into the vessel.

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