Removable anterior sweatband assembly for a cap or hat

Apparel – Head coverings – With sweats or other supplementary head engaging member


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2181, 2184, 21955, A42C 502




A removable anterior sweatband assembly suited for use in a baseball-style cap or hat that has a circular headband includes a perspiration-absorbent pad suspended from a support member between the cap headband and the forehead so as to prevent the forehead from contacting the headband of the cap. The pad includes an absorbent material for holding perspiration to help prevent the perspiration from the forehead of the person wearing the cap from contacting the cap. In one form, a four-layer structure or assembly is provided including a stiff supporting sheet and depending therefrom a laminate of three layers including the perspiration-absorbing layer, e.g., a super-absorbent cloth layer, a backing layer and a porous perspiration transferring layer between the absorbent layer and the forehead and in contact with the absorbent layer. The backing layer can be a porous absorbent material such as cloth or can be plastic film and can serve as a barrier for preventing the perspiration from staining the headband of the cap.

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