Radiation curable resin, composition thereof and precoated metal

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522 96, 525450, 525451, 525455, C08F28304, C08F 250, B32B 2740, C08G 1844




A radiation curable resin having at least two (meth)acryloyl groups at both terminal ends of a molecular chain which is obtained by reaction of (1) a polyester polyol and/or polycarbonate polyol, (2) a diisocyanate, (3) a polyfunctional (meth)acrylate containing a hydroxyl group therein, and optionally (4) a compound having at least two active hydrogens in the molecule is disclosed. The resin has at least two (meth)acryloyl groups at a terminal end of the molecular chain. The molecular weight of the resin is 1,000 to 50,000, the urethane bonding concentration is not more than 3,000 equivalent/10.sup.6 g and the (meth)acryloyl group concentration is 100 to 6,000 equivalent/10.sup.6 g. A radiation curable resin composition containing the resin and a precoated metal using the composition are also disclosed.

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