Radiation curable compositions based on radiation curable esters

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428462, 522 8, 522102, 522103, 522121, 522182, 522183, 526309, 526320, 526321, 560128, C08F 250, C08F 2020, B32B 1508, B32B 2730




Disclosed is an ungelled radiation curable resin which is a reaction product of (a) a polyfunctional hydroxyl-containing carboxylic acid having a molecular weight less than or equal to 1,000 and having a total functionality of equal to or greater than 3; (b) an organic hydroxyl-functional compound; and (c) an alpha, beta-ethylenically unsaturated carboxylic acid. Also disclosed is a radiation curable composition containing the radiation curable resin in combination with a polymer having a glass transition temperature equal to or higher than minus 17 degrees Celsius selected from an acrylic polymer and a polyester polymer.
The radiation curable resins are particularly useful for coatings over non-metallic substrates such as ABS plastics, etc., having an adherent, thin film of metal deposited by vacuum metallizing, sputtering, electroless deposition, electroplating, and the like.

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