Radial tire for passenger cars

Synthetic resins or natural rubbers -- part of the class 520 ser – Synthetic resins – At least one aryl ring which is part of a fused or bridged...


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The present invention provides radial tires which exhibit physical properties in the diagonal area of FIG. 1 and which are suitable for passenger cars equipped with an anti-lock brake system. The radial tires of the present invention have an aspect ratio of 70% or less and comprises a tread, a pair of side walls, a pair of bead portions, each having a bead apex disposed therein, the bead apex having a JIS hardness or 85 or more, and a first and a second breaker, wherein the tread has a tan .delta. peak temperature (Tp) of -40.degree. to -5.degree. C., a one side half width (W/2) of 25.degree. C. or less and a JIS-A hardness of 56 to 72; the tan .delta. peak temperature (Tp) and the one side half width being obtained from a viscoelasticity (tan .delta.) temperature distribution curve which is determined using a viscoelastic spectrometer a frequency of 10 Hz, and initial strain of 10%, an amplitude of .+-.0.25% and a temperature elevating rate of 2.degree. C./min, the one side half width (W/2) being the range of temperatures being equal to and greater than Tp to the temperature defined by the point of intersection of the line of tan .delta.=1/2P, where P is the peak value of tan .delta., with the distribution curve. The ratio for the second breaker W.sub.B to tire width W.sub.T is 0.6 or greater.

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