Product dispensing cap with pivotal directional spout

Fluid sprinkling – spraying – and diffusing – Container for non-fluid material – and scattering means – Container tilted for discharge

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C222S532000, C222S547000, C239S664000

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A cap dispenses material from a container having a mouth. The cap has a main body mountable on the mouth. The main body includes a protruding portion having an opening for receiving material moving through the mouth. A combination seal and dispensing spout is pivotally mounted to the main body and has a top wall with an extended portion. The spout may be pivoted on the main body between a sealing position and a dispensing position. In the sealing position, the spout blocks flow of material through the opening. In the dispensing position, the spout is aligned with the opening in the protruding portion to allow material to flow through the protruding portion and onto the spout so that the material may be dispensed.

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