"Process for preparing petroleum resins having low softening poi

Synthetic resins or natural rubbers -- part of the class 520 ser – Synthetic resins – Polymers from only ethylenic monomers or processes of...


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260 285AV, 260 285B, 260888, 260889, 526 82, 526 89, 526 90, 526191, 526204, 526206, 526209, 526212, 526237, 526238, 526290, C08F 200, C08F 400, C08F 442, C08F24000




Low softening point resins are prepared by a process which comprises polymerising using a Friedel Crafts catalyst:
(1) a petroleum resin feed comprising C.sub.5 olefins and C.sub.5 diolefins or a mixture of C.sub.5 and C.sub.6 olefins and diolefins, said feed being obtained from the cracking of petroleum feedstock and being subjected to thermal soaking at a temperature of 100.degree. C to 150.degree. C, and
(2) a branched chain reactive aliphatic olefin or an oxygenated transfer agent.
Preferred additives are diisobutene or U.O.P. olefins. The polymerization may take place in the presence of a C.sub.8 to C.sub.10 unsaturated aromatic compound.

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