Portable automobile undercarriage washer

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239312, 134123, B05B 300, B05B 318




An improved portable automobile undercarriage washing/cleaning device consisting of an ovoid, bowl-like body portion on the top surface of which is centered a detachable water spray nozzle and an accompanying nearby small tube, which itself connects the interior fluid chamber/reservoir, the fluid consisting of a mixture of detergent and water, with the exterior of the body, the same tube directing a pressurized mixture of detergent and water into the water spray pattern emanating from the nozzle, the mixture then being admixed with the spray, the whole of which when attached via a side connection on the body, to a rigid, non-flexible water pipe, which is itself connected to a garden-type hose via a pistol-grip water control valve, produces a pressurized water spray pattern capable of removing accumulated road salt and debris deposited onto the underside of an automobile or other wheeled vehicle and effecting a rapid removal of the debris from the undercarriage of the automobile or other wheeled vehicle and its related structural members.

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