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C428S001300, C428S001310, C428S064200, C428S065100, C349S119000, C525S332800, C525S332900, C525S333300

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A film which is a single polymer film and has a smaller phase difference as the wavelength becomes shorter. This film is made from an olefin-based polymer which has an alicyclic group in the side chain, such as hydrogenated polystyrene, the amount of the alicyclic group in the side chain being 60 to 90 wt % based on the whole polymer, and satisfies the following expression:in-line-formulae description="In-line Formulae" end="lead"?R(450)/R(550)<1in-line-formulae description="In-line Formulae" end="tail"?wherein R(450) and R(550) are phase differences on the film plane at a wavelength of 450 nm and a wavelength of 550 nm, respectively.

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