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This invention relates to head covering net headgear such as is commonly used in any desired color by beekeepers and others and in camouflage colors by hunters and military personnel.
It is well known that beekeepers and others wear net headgear that will protect them from insect stings and bites. It has also become common for hunters, military personnel, and others to use camouflaged netting having camouflage patterns in selected colors over the user's face and head so that such users will not be detected as a result of light reflections from skin and skin color being observed. Typically, the netting may have a dull green pattern or a green and brown pattern for use in grassy or wooded areas; a dull brown pattern with different shades of brown for use in drier desert areas; or a white pattern for use in snow covered areas. Other solid colors and color patterns can also be used and will normally be selected according to the terrain conditions in which the netting is to be used.
Holes are generally provided through the camouflage netting used to cover the head and face so that the user can clearly see out of the netting, without distortion of an observed site or object. It has been found, however, that often, as the user of the head and face camouflage netting attempts to view a site or object the netting on the head and face becomes twisted and the cut-out eye openings are not aligned with the eyes. This misalignment of the eye openings becomes a truly significant problem if the user is attempting to look through binauculars or to sight a bow or rifle, for example. Consequently, it is desirable that some means be provided for insuring and maintaining proper position of the eye holes, with respect to the eyes of a user.
Some net headgear, such as that used by beekeepers does not generally have eye holes, since that would allow entrance by insects. However, there is a need by such users for a headgear that will provide better vision than can be obtained by looking through net material, either with or without the use of prescription lenses.
Principal objects of the present invention are to provide a head and face covering net headgear having a stabilizer to position the eye holes of the net with respect to the eyes of a user and to effectively maintain such eyes and holes arrangement during the entire time a user is wearing the net.
Other objects are to provide a stabilized head and face covering net headgear that is adaptable to having lens covered eye openings for use by persons not needing prescription eye lenses as well as to use by persons requiring such prescription lenses for viewing.
Principal features of the invention include an eye cover frame having a centering bridge to fit on the nose of a user and lens openings that may contain lenses. The eye cover frame has removable temple pieces connected to opposite sides thereof and clips to secure the frame of prescription eyeglasses used with the frame when the temple pieces are removed from the eye cover frame. Lenses contained in the eye cover frame may be formed integrally with the frame and may be optically clear or formed to be prescription lenses. Alternatively, if a user does not require prescription lenses the lens openings may be left open in headgear not used for protection against insects. The removable temple pieces, along with the bridge stabilize the eye cover frame and the attached net on head of a user by engaging the user's nose, head and ears.
The clips on the eye cover frame are used to attach the frame and lenses of prescription glasses to the eye cover frame. Thus, with the temple pieces of the eye cover frame removed, the temple pieces of the prescription glasses, attached by clips to the eye cover frame are utilized by the user along with the bridge of the eye cover frame to stabilize the eye cover frame and attached net on the head of the user.
A strap may be attached to either the temple pieces of the eye cover frame, if used, or to the temple pieces of the prescription eyeglasses, if used.
Camouflage netting used for net headgear for hunters, military personnel and others not requiring prescription lenses or protection from insects does not require lenses in the eye openings formed in the net used. However stabilization of the headgear on the head of a user is required to insure proper alignment of the eye openings with the eyes of the user.
Additional objects and features of the invention will become apparent to those skilled in the art to which the invention pertains from the following detailed description and drawings, disclosing what is presently contemplated as being the best mode of the invention.

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