Neck and face shield especially adapted to be worn under a hair

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2204, 2DIG6, 4515, A42B 104




A face and neck shield to be worn under a hood type dryer, involving a wide, annularly shaped band snugly fitting the head of the wearer substantially at the hair line of the wearer and deflecting most of the air exhausted from the dryer forwardly and away from the face and neck of the wearer while nevertheless providing substantial closure of the exhaust face of the hair dryer, the wide band of the shield being held in place by adjustable interconnection means in the rear portion thereof and by over-the-head band support strap means one of which runs from front-to-rear of the band, with diverging over-the-head strap means connected to the front-to-rear strap and diverging to points of attachment at the outboard edge of the band, substantially radially outwardly of the temples of the wearer, to provide positive band support thereat, the front-to-rear strap being frontally connected to the inboard edge of the band so that the front of the band over the face of the wearer, droops slightly in visor-like fashion under action of the heated air exhausted from the air dryer, thus deflecting most of such air forwardly and away from the face and the neck of the wearer.

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