Method for treating scale

Cleaning and liquid contact with solids – Apparatus – With means for collecting escaping material


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134105, 134111, 134113, B08B 310




Apparatus and method for treating solids contaminated by alkaline earth metal scales which have naturally occurring radioactive material entrained throughout the scale. The equipment and method of the present invention may be used on site to clean stored contaminated solids so that as a result of the treatment the solids may be disposed of as non-hazardous oil field waste and the radioactive isotopes may be dispersed in aqueous solution. The apparatus and method of the invention provide for placing contaminated solids and a treatment fluid in a fluid contact zone which is designed to provide optimum chemical activity for treating the contaminating scale so as to release the radioactive isotopes into solution. Once the release of the isotopes is complete to a target level of radioactivity, the treating fluid is then separated from the solids which are then reduced to non-hazardous oil field waste.

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