Low force actuator for suspension control

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A low force actuator that is used in conjunction with semi-active and passive suspension systems to provide for improved suspension and ride control for vehicles, and which overcomes stiction and provides limited active capability. The low force actuator is sized to counter the small, high frequency forces (caused by road input disturbances and stiction effects) that act on, or are transmitted between sprung and unsprung masses of the vehicle. The present invention provides for two low force actuators. The first comprises a proof mass low force electromagnetic actuator that may be connected to either the sprung or unsprung mass. In either configuration the proof mass provides an extra degree of freedom for the suspension system that decouples ride and holding control actions of the vehicle. The second comprises a differential force actuator that uses an electromagnetic actuator to provide a force between the sprung and unsprung masses of the vehicle. This implementation is inherently simpler and lighter than the proof mass implementation but can only improve ride at the expense of holding, and vice versa, since its reaction force is directly coupled to the vehicle system. The present low force actuator eliminates hoses, accumulators, pumps, and leaks associated with hydraulic systems employed in active suspension control systems.

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