Lockably-releasable aquamarine tethering device

Apparel – Garment supporters and retainers – Torso or limb encircling


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2311, 2314, 2317, 2319, 2338, 114253, 441 69, 294 8235, 24115F, 24656, 403DIG4, A41F 900, B63B 3585, B63B 2104




As is well-known in the prior art, flexible elongate rope-like tethers have a leadward-end attached to a leadwardly-impelled aquamarine equipment (e.g. surfboard, towed water-ski, etc.) and having a trailward-end securely attached to the towed operator (e.g. a surfboarder, a water-skier, etc.). It is also well known in the prior art that the aquamarine's tethered operator might find himself/herself in a visually discernible perilous situation and wherein the elongate tether should be disengaged from the towing aquamarine device. Accordingly, the present invention provides a vertical-pin type releasably-lockable device that has the required secure attachment to the operator's body, but wherein the operator can manually vertically withdraw the vertical-pin portion of a releasable-lockable device to quickly withdraw himself/herself from the leadwardly tethered aquamarine equipment whenever the operator somehow discerns a perilous condition.

patent: 1703579 (1929-02-01), Gaffner
patent: 4613311 (1986-09-01), Wood
patent: 5081719 (1992-01-01), Donnelly


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