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70360, E05B 1310






1. Field of the Invention
This invention relates to a lockable handle, particularly, but not exclusively for fitting to uPVC windows and the like in which a square bar of the handle operates drive gear within the window frame that extends or retracts locking cams.
Particularly where the handle is of relatively compact dimensions the provision of a key operated internal lock has presented problems, because standard barrel locks are too large to fit satisfactorily.
2. Description of the Prior Art
In U.S. Pat. No. 2,358,554 (Bixel) and GB Patent No. 2,105,774 (Narcros) there are described lockable handle assemblies in which a handle pivoted to a backplate carries a lock body slideably retained in a head region of the handle for movement to the backplate to cause a depending locking pin fixed to the lock body to enter an aperture in the backplate to hold the handle against pivotal movement. In this movement, a latch member in the lock body snaps into a recess in the slideway to hold the handle locked and a coil spring coaxial with the locking pin and located beneath the lock body is compressed. Operation of a key operated lock barrel causes the latch member to be withdrawn so that the spring returns the lock body to its unlocking position.


A primary object of the invention is to provide a lockable handle which, while operating approximately in the same way as the above prior proposals, is more simple in structure, cheaper to manufacture and essentially much neater in appearance rendering it satisfactory for living rooms and so forth.
According to the present invention, a lockable handle assembly comprises a backplate for fixing to a member to which the handle is to be locked, a handle member having a head region pivotally mounted about an axis normal to said backplate and a grip region offset from said backplate and extending radially from said head region. The head region has a lower face substantially in contact with the backplate, a lock body of noncircular shape when viewed in plan slidably retained in a slideway formed in the head region between the axis and the grip region for movement towards and away from the backplate, a depending locking pin fixed to the lock body, the backplate being formed with an aperture for receiving the locking pin when the lock body is moved along the slideway to a locking position thereby holding the handle against pivotal movement. The slideway is formed with a smooth region leading to a first recess beneath the smooth region, a biased latch member mounted to reciprocate in the lock body and arranged for one end of the latch member to slide over the smooth region as the lock body is moved towards the locking position to a position in which it snaps into the first recess to hold the lock body in the locking position, a key operated lock barrel rotatably mounted in the lock body with its key receiving end exposed in the surface of the lock body remote from the backplate and operative to withdraw the latch member from the recess, a return spring biasing the lock body away from the locking position whereby the required locking effect may be obtained by manually moving the lock body against the biasing spring towards said locking position and may be released by the actuation of the key operated lock barrel. The assembly is characterized in that the slideway is formed laterally with a second recess extending from an end facing towards the backplate by a distance at least equal to the travel of the lock body in the slideway, and a second pin fixed to the lock body in a position to travel therewith along the second recess and a retaining member fixed to the head region and operative to retain the biasing spring between itself and the second pin.
The difficulty is solved, according to the invention, by providing a handle assembly comprising a handle member pivoted to a backplate, a lock slideably retained in the handle for movement towards or away from the backplate to engage depending locking pin means carried thereby in a rec

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