Industrial vehicle equipped with load handling operation...

Elevator – industrial lift truck – or stationary lift for vehicle – Industrial lift truck or required component thereof – Having extensible vertical guide for load support

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C187S222000, C187S234000, C414S641000, C701S050000, C701S207000

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A load handling operation control apparatus for an industrial vehicle, which has a load carrying apparatus provided movably on a vehicle body, is provided. A load carrying apparatus2is positioned with a load handling target41, 42according to its movement. A load handling control section47has a display device28and a detection device for detecting the position of the load handling target. A image control section46displays positioning information for supporting positioning of the load carrying apparatus2with respect to the load handling target41, 42on the display device28based on a positional detection result detected by the detection device.

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Office Action from Japanese Patent Office, dated Aug. 22, 2006, concerning Japanese Patent Application No. 2001-320156.
Office Action from Japanese Patent Office, dated Aug. 22, concerning Japanese Patent Application No. 2001-352369.


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