Heater block for injection molding with removable heat conductiv

Electric resistance heating devices – Heating devices – Continuous flow type fluid heater


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219536, 219544, 219546, 219540, 338311, 338252, 338232, H05B 300, F24H 100




A heating block made from a heat conductive material has a passage through which a fluid heated by the heater can flow. A groove preferably having a looped configuration extends into the block from a peripheral surface in the block. A heater made from an electrically conductive and heat conductive material is disposed in the groove, preferably in a looped configuration corresponding to the looped configuration of the groove. A heat conductive member disposed in the groove is provided with a hole to receive the heater in an enveloping relationship. The member may be defined by a pair of separable portions. The member is preferably disposed in the looped relationship in the groove. Localized deformation of the heating block holds the member and the heater in a fixed relationship with the block. The heater may deteriorate or become defective with extended usage and may have to be replaced. To accomplish this, the heater and the member may be removed as a unit from the block after removing the deformation. The portions in the member are separated to remove the heater. A new heater may then be disposed between the split portions which may then be abutted. The member and the heater may then be disposed as a unit in the groove and the local deformation may be reinstated in the block to retain the member and the heater in a fixed relationship with the block.

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