Hard film and hard film-coated tool

Compositions: coating or plastic – Coating or plastic compositions – Inorganic materials only containing at least one metal atom

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C428S697000, C428S699000

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A hard film formed by an arc-discharge ion-plating method, having a composition comprising metal components represented by AlxCr1-x-ySiy, wherein x and y are respectively atomic ratios meeting 0.45≦x≦0.75, 0≦y≦0.35, and 0.5≦x+y<1, and non-metal components represented by N1-α-β-γBαCβOγ, wherein α,β and γ are respectively atomic ratios meeting 0≦α≦0.15, 0≦β≦0.35, and 0.003≦γ≦0.25, the hard film having an NaCl-type crystal structure, with a half width of 2θ at an X-ray diffraction peak corresponding to a (111) face or a (200) face being 0.5–2.0°, and the hard film containing oxygen more in grain boundaries than in crystal grains.

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