Gallium naphthalocyanine salts for use as improved infrared...

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C540S131000, C540S132000, C540S133000

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There is provided an IR-absorbing naphthalocyanine dye of formula (I):whereinM is Ga(A1);A1is an axial ligand selected from —OH, halogen, —OR3, —OC(O)R4or —O(CH2CH2O)eRewherein e is an integer from 2 to 10 and Reis H, C1-8alkyl or C(O)C1-8alkyl;R1and R2may be the same or different and are selected from hydrogen or C1-12alkoxy;R3is selected from C1-12alkyl, C5-12aryl, C5-12arylalkyl or Si(Rx)(Ry)(Rz);R4is selected from C1-12alkyl, C5-12aryl or C5-12arylalkyl;Rx, Ryand Rzmay be the same or different and are selected from C1-12alkyl, C5-12aryl, C5-12arylalkyl, C1-12alkoxy, C5-12aryloxy or C5-12arylalkoxy; andeach B is independently selected from a base, wherein BH+has a pKaof between 4 and 9. The dye is suitable for use in IR-absorbing inkjet inks, providing compatibility with known CMYK inks together with an optimally red-shifted λmax.

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