Fluid injecting nozzle having spaced projections

Plastic article or earthenware shaping or treating: apparatus – Female mold and charger to supply fluent stock under... – With means to heat or cool


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26432815, 425572, B29C 4520




A nozzle body is provided that is equipped with a runner, passages and orifices all communicating with one another to provide a fluid delivery system to mold cavities. The nozzle body is provided with a heat insulating cap equipped with peripheral projections at spaced positions around the outside wall of the cap so that the fluid injected into the mold at the gatewell will shear with a smooth cleavage after solidifying to provide a smooth separation surface on the molded part. Each gatewell is disposed in a peripheral projection in the cap and the peripheral projection is spaced of few thousandths from the mold. The cap serves to minimize the loss of heat from the nozzle body by aligning and centering the cap and the nozzle body relative to the gatewells leading to the mold.

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