Extendable brace bar for securing cargo

Freight accommodation on freight carrier – Load bracing means – Brace bar – wall-to-wall


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B60P 708, B61D 4500




A brace for securing cargo inside a containing device, such as the cargo bed of a truck, includes a first cylindrical pole with mounting brackets at opposite ends of the pole for engaging the sidewalls of the container. The cargo brace is selectively adjustable along its lengthwise axis to decrease or increase its length. Furthermore, the mounting brackets are pivotally connected to the pole to permit the brace to be installed at a selected orientation to the sidewalls. In another embodiment, the aforementioned brace includes a T-connector which is mounted arond the first pole and further includes a second pole which is engaged to the T-connector and which is perpendicular to the first pole. The second pole includes a mounting bracket which engages another sidewall or floor of the container. In another embodiment, a sleeve, having flanged ends which are perpendicular to the sleeve, and a handle, is mounted about the first pole to secure the cargo in the container. Typically, pads fabricated of an appropriate elastomer are employed at the ends of the brace to prevent damage from metal-to-metal contact, and the base is surrounded with one or more sleeves of a polymeric material to prevent damage to cargo contacted by the brace.

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