Easy peel film structures

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C428S035700, C428S036800, C428S346000, C428S347000, C428S349000, C428S3550RA, C428S500000, C428S515000, C525S221000, C525S222000, C525S231000, C525S240000, C220S359100, C220S359300, C215S232000

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The present invention relates to sealant films comprising a first sealant layer which readily and easily delaminates or peels from a second adjacent film layer. The first sealant layer and the second adjacent layer of the sealant film of the present invention comprise propylene or ethylene moieties wherein the propylene or ethylene moieties may be homopolymers or copolymers. The film structures of the present invention can be used independently, or laminated to a second film structure wherein the second film structure may comprise a single layer or multiple layers. The sealant films of the present invention can be heat sealed to a packaging component, such as a tray either as a single film structure or as a laminate comprising a second film structure. The sealant film structures of the present invention are particularly useful as retortable lidstock.

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