Dual pedal mounting structure

Machine element or mechanism – Control lever and linkage systems – Multiple controlled elements


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74478, B60K 2004, G05G 1100




A mechanism for mounting a forward pedal and a reverse pedal to a vehicle. The forward pedal is fixed to a primary shaft, and the reverse pedal is fixed to a secondary shaft. A control arm and control rod operatively extend between the primary shaft and a transmission. A linkage extends between the reverse pedal and the primary shaft for pivoting the primary shaft and shifting the control rod in reverse directions such that the transmission shifts to reverse modes when the operator engages the reverse pedal. The linkage includes a reverse arm coupled with the primary shaft, and a reverse link extending between the reverse arm and the reverse pedal. A bracket member fixed to a floor plate of the vehicle supports the primary and secondary shafts, and is fixed to the vehicle generally directly beneath the foot of the operator. The bracket member supports each shaft at at least two locations laterally spaced a substantial distance. Mating shapes are defined between the reverse arm and the primary shaft for fixing the primary shaft for rotation with the reverse arm. Mating shapes are also defined between the reverse shaft and reverse pedal for transmitting pivotal motion therebetween. The reverse link is confined in engagement with the reverse pedal and the reverse arm by abutment with the bracket member.

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