Dilation device for the urethra

Surgery – Instruments – Internal pressure applicator


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604 96, 604104, 604 8, 604 54, 623 12, A61M 2900, A61M 500, A61F 204




A device for dilating at least an obstructed portion of a urethra includes a hollow core member with opposed open ends permitting urination therethrough from the bladder, a confining covering disposed on the hollow member having a length of at least that of the obstructed portion and having hydrophilic means integrally associated therewith. The hydrophilic means is capable of absorbing water and gradually expanding for at least 30 minutes whereby the outer surface of the confining covering expands radially and outwardly, after insertion into the urethra, until dilation of the obstructed portion occurs to a desired diameter and configuration. Methods for dilating an obstructed portion of the urethra and for treating benign prostatic hyperplasia are also provided.

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