Damper and process thereof

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C428S141000, C428S147000, C428S148000, C428S220000, C428S447000, C428S544000, C428S551000, C428S625000, C074S574300, C188S378000, C188S379000, C049S009000

Reexamination Certificate



A fitting type damper and a process thereof being capable of increasing largely slipping torque in strength are ones that the large slipping torque can be increased not only when the damper is a new product but also after a heat aging test and/or a durability test are performed. And, the damper is one that γ-mercaptopropyltrimethoxysilane4, which is an organosilane used as a non-slip agent, is adhered and fitted between a hub1formed by some metal parts and a rubber elastic body3, and between a inertia mass body2formed by some metal parts and the rubber elastic body3.

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