Damage tolerant gas turbine component

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C428S697000, C428S698000, C428S699000, C428S702000, C416S224000, C416S22900R, C416S09700R

Reexamination Certificate



A damage tolerant component (90) for use in a high temperature combustion gas environment. The component includes a plurality of ceramic tiles (94) bonded to a substrate (92) for isolating any impact damage to the damaged tile(s). A grout (98) may fill gaps between adjacent tiles to blunt any crack tip extending from a damaged tile. Ceramic tile insulation may be applied in two layers (56, 58) with the material properties of the two layers being different, such as with a bottom layer selected for its thermal insulating properties and a top layer selected for its impact resistance properties. A layer of sealing material (100) may be applied over at least a portion of the ceramic tiles.

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