(Co)polycarbonates having improved adhesion to metals

Synthetic resins or natural rubbers -- part of the class 520 ser – Synthetic resins – From phenol – phenol ether – or inorganic phenolate

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C524S155000, C524S156000, C524S494000, C524S500000, C524S504000, C524S505000, C528S198000, C536S017100, C536S017200, C536S017900, C548S312700

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A (co)polycarbonate the molecular structure of which contains units derived from bisphenols conforming to formulae (1a1) and (1b1)in whichR1independently of one another represents hydrogen or a C1-C10-alkyl and R2represents C1-C10-alkyl, or phenyl or benzyl in each case unsubstituted or substituted by at least one member selected from the group consisting of hydrogen and C1-C10-alkyl radical.The (co)polycarbonate exhibits relatively high glass transition temperature and improved adhesion to metals.

patent: 2005/0222334 (2005-10-01), Srinivasan et al.
patent: 2005/0228137 (2005-10-01), Srinivasan et al.
patent: 488 760 (1930-01-01), None
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Synthetic Communications, 29(19), (month unavailable) 1999, p. 3303-3311, Hyun Nam Song et al, “Friedel-Crafts Type Reactions of Some Activated Cyclic Ketones with Phenol Derivatives”.


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